Posted by: slowfoodboone | January 22, 2008

As recommended by Mary Gray…

Here are some recipes (and eventually books) that Mary Gray recommended when we toured her garden and spoke with her at her home during the January event.

Mint Tea

1 Kg sugar
3 cups vinegar
2 cups water
1 armful of mint (leaves and stems, but not roots)
Bring water to a boil and remove from heat. Steep all the mint all day long.
Drain and store liquid in a bottle. Use the liquid as concentrate by heating
and adding to water or seltzer.
Mary got this recipe from Holly Burman who used to practice acupuncture in Boone. Congee is a grain based, usually rice medicinal porridge served for centuries in
traditional Chinese homes. It is used to strengthen digestion, build energy
and enhance metabolism.
1 serving:
1/4 cup grain
1 & 1/4 cup water
Combine in a crock pot and cook on low overnight (or 8 hours). Adjust the
proportions of grain to water until you get the consistency of congee that
satisfies you most. For added flavor, you can add your favorite spices,
nuts, and fruits.
Here are some suggested combinations:
  • brown rice/barley, cinnamon, ginger
  • millet/buckwheat/rye, allspice, cinnamon stick
  • millet/quinoa, cinnamon, ginger

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