Posted by: slowfoodboone | May 3, 2008

Volunteer for the 2008 Farm Tour!

At our last event, we announced that Slow Food High Country – Boone is planning to help with the High Country Farm Tour during the first weekend of August. The farm tour used to be sponsored by the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association, but now Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture (BRWIA) is going to organize the event. Each Slow Food convivia has been charged to be involved in an educational activity, so the officers thought this would be a great chance for our group to be active in the local food scene and to offer some assistance to BRWIA.

It is often the case that when we sit down to enjoy a meal, we give little thought to who grew the food, or how much work successful farming demands. The High Country Farm Tour is the best chance to see how and where local foods are grown, and to get to know the farmers who bring this bounty to our tables. For the Farm Tour this August to be a success, we need 1 or more volunteers at each participating farm, on each day. Volunteers help with parking and orienting visitors to the farm, freeing the farmers to spend time describing the sustainable techniques they employ, and conduct tours. Volunteer at a farm one day, then take the tour on the other day FREE!

For more information, contact Susan Boylan at Please indicate how you would like to be involved (organization/farm tour volunteer/both).



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