Posted by: slowfoodboone | December 7, 2008

Volunteers needed for Farm-to-School

Solicitation of interest and volunteers for a Farm-to-School project in Watauga County

A childhood obesity prevention grant is providing funds to raise awareness and create enthusiasm for having locally grown food in our schools in the future.

Some goals of this project include: Serving new or differently prepared fruits and vegetables to children; introducing them to growers and the local farms where the food is are grown; and teaching them to prepare produce.

The project will promote a vegetable of the month and this month, December, is all about kale. Posters of kale will be placed around the school, emphasizing what kale does for the body and who grew it, with a picture of the grower. At two different schools during lunch time, there will be a chef preparing the kale for sampling. Volunteers will dress up in fruit and vegetable costumes to serve the samples to the children.

Volunteers, especially chefs, are still needed to help with this. Possible dates are December 9th and 11th or 16th and 18th. If you or anyone you know are interested in helping with this project in December or would like to serve on the steering committee, please e-mail Margie at

Click here for information from Slow Food about school food projects.

The next steering committee meeting is  Tuesday, January 6th at 9am,
Agricultural Conference Center.


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