Posted by: slowfoodboone | June 30, 2009

July Event!

The next Slow Food Boone event, “Everything But The Oink”, is scheduled for Sunday, July 12th! We’ll make a visit to the Ward Brothers Farm outside of Mountain City, TN. They have a small but diverse operation that includes organically raised hogs. On the way, we’ll stop at the Trade Grist Mill for a short tour and shopping.

Then, we’ll gather for a presentation and potluck at the Agricultural Conference Center in Boone. The presentation, by Ken and Marg McKinney, will focus on their home pork product projects. They’ve found that curing prosciutto, bacon, and guanciale is easier than it sounds, and that homemade sausages can go far beyond what is available commercially.

Please note that we cannot have alcoholic beverages at the Ag Center, so please bring your favorite non-alcoholic drink to share during the potluck, especially if it is home-made and/or local ingredients.

Here’s the schedule for the afternoon:
2pm: meet at Ag Center (leave by 2:15) to leave heat-sensitive food
2:45pm: stop at mill in Trade (leave by 3:30)
4pm: arrive Ward farm (1hr approx length of visit)
6pm: presentation and potluck at the ag center

Email Chelly at with questions. See you soon!


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