Posted by: slowfoodboone | December 4, 2009

Local Slow Food Activities in 2010

A small group of us had a productive planning meeting for 2010. Please e-mail Margie Mansure at if you would like to organize a Slow Food event for 2010 or have any suggestions for us. Here’s a rough draft of what we have so far:

January: Apple tasting with Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture. Want to explore heritage varieties that we perhaps nominate to the Ark of Taste.

February 10th, 5:30: Potluck and presentation on local varietals of vegetables by Richard Boylan, Extension Agent. At the Agricultural Conference Center in Boone.

March or April: The Gendering of Slow Food- food, a panel will discuss or present gender roles related to food around the world.

April or May: class on matching wines with food. And tasting, of course.

June: Plant swap and tea at Liz Rose’s home

July 10th, 1 – 5: Food Preservation Workshop, Agricultural Conference Center, Boone.

July or August: Mushroom stroll with Coleman McClenaghan.

August 7th and 8th: High Country Farm Tour

We will plan to meet in August for another idea session.


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