Posted by: slowfoodboone | December 22, 2009

High Country CSA is taking orders!

High Country Community Supported Agriculture works to create a local food community in Northwest North Carolina by connecting local growers with local eaters. In the summer, they coordinate a 20-week CSA project, and through the winter they organize monthly local food orders. All food is grown and produced to organic standards with care by growers in the High Country, primarily in Ashe and Watauga counties.

Here’s a message from Franya about their January 2010 orders:

Happy snow-in everyone! Once you munch through your supply of canned goods, I would like to invite you to meet with us SATURDAY JANUARY 2 to refill your freezers with local meat, cheese, and bread, and your bellies with vegetables, eggs, and MORE!

As promised, this month I have found a way to cover the final food group: CHOCOLATE! Introducing: Hold the Heat Raw Food Makery, a Boone company that offers homemade raw chocolates, granolas, and more! See below! Remember our next pickup will be in another month so be sure to fill up on four weeks worth of food. We’re offering foods that store well: GARLIC, turnips and beets; foods to freeze: Meat, Bread, Goat Cheese; cold weather treats: bok choy and herbs; and EGGS! And as always, everything is grown and raised to organic standards with great care in the High Country.

Gift Certificates for 2010 CSA membership or Winter Orders are still available! Just email me and I’ll send you a printable version for your last minute gifts.

Orders will be due the Tuesday following Christmas (Tuesday, December 29) at 2pm please! I know many people are busy with family and food in the holiday season- show everyone how to do it with a local flair!

Speaking of which, this month we are featuring the TURNIP. Now, there are many wonderful ways to cook turnips of course, but did you know that you can create a saurekraut (sauerrüben) completely out of turnips? With 5 pounds turnip and 3 tablespoons salt packed and weighted in a crock, (unplugged crockpots work perfectly), you can have almost a gallon of delicious turnip kraut in a week! Fully fermented sauerrüben will keep for weeks in a jar in the fridge, and can be used for sandwiches and sides just as you would saurekraut. Turnip orders of 5 pounds or more will come with full directions for creating sauerruben, and a sample of the batch I’ve made with our last order!

So, see the attached brochure for details and farm bios, and get your orders in by Tuesday, December 29!

HC CSA Winter Order Brochure January 2010


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