Posted by: slowfoodboone | March 30, 2010

Make Plans to Attend Our Spring Wine Tasting and Potluck

Slow Food Boone High Country strives to make our events accessible to everyone. Our convivium co-leader, Ken Mckinney studies and enjoys wine pairing and food.  Ken has agreed to teach this class and select wines that we can all afford. Join us for an affordable, enjoyable evening with like-minded foodies!

When? Sunday, April 18, 2010, 5 p.m.

Where? Boone Unitarian Fellowship, 381 E King Street, Boone

Cost? $10 plus dish for potluck [wines will be provided for tasting and meal]

RSVP: Ken McKinney, Co-leader (, 264-4310)

We will taste and compare two pinot grigio/gris from different parts of the world and three syrah/shiraz from different parts of the world.  The intent of the tasting is to learn a bit about how to get the most from what’s available in each glass, and what causes so many different results to come from a single grape type.  At least four of the wines will come from small family sustainable/organic farms.

It would be good to have dishes at the potluck that are reputed to match the wines, so it would be great to have volunteers to bring one of the following dishes:

green salad with light dressing

something made with a local chevre-style goat cheese

trout (grilled or broiled if possible)

shellfish in pasta or risotto or paella

baked/roasted chicken/duck/turkey

beef or venison (roast or stew, with or without mushroom sauce)

lamb (roast or stew)

Anyone who wants to volunteer to bring one of the dishes listed above, please contact Ken McKinney (, 264-4310), because we only need one or two folks bringing any of the listed foods.

Of course, vegetable dishes and desserts will also be needed, so it is fine to bring anything, actually.  It is just that it would be good to have at least some dishes that commonly are matched with the wines to be tasted.


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