Posted by: slowfoodboone | February 11, 2011

Preview of 2011 Slow Food Boone High Country Events

A group of foodies met on January 23rd over an excellent potluck lunch and attempted to map out 2011 events for our convivium. Please contact Margie Mansure, or Ken McKinney, if you have suggestions for planned events or would like to volunteer to help. Events listed are still in the evolutionary process, but here’s what we are thinking:

1. Sunday, April 17th at 1:00 p.m. potluck, then panel discussion with ASU professors on “What is Agroecology?” Information about the new ASU Sustainable Development farm will also be shared. Agricultural Conference Center in Boone.

2. Showing of documentary, Vanishing of the Bees, discussion with local bee keeping experts, and perhaps a honey tasting.

3. Showing of Pig Business, a revealing documentary about our industrialized meat system. May tour a farm where livestock is treated well and sustainably raised, then enjoy a pig pickin’.

4. Tour the Waldesian Winery near Valdese, which was begun by the Waldensian sect who immigrated in the late 19th century from the Cottian mountains southwest of Turn, Italy.

5. Visit the Art of Oil for an olive oil tasting.

6. Hold a mini-Salone del Gusto, which is Slow Food’s food festival in Italy, where producers offer samples and information about their production, and patrons have the opportunity to purchase yummies. Combine with a festival that already exists, such as the Farm Heritage Day Festival.

7. ASU running club is organizing a benefit for us. Slow Food Fast Run 5K will be on the Boone Greenway probably on September 17th.

8. Would like to establish a Slow Food on campus group. Jana Carp, professor in geography and planning is interested in helping. This group could organize some of their own social events as well as join as many of ours as they choose.

9. Enjoy a nice gathering with as much locally produced food as possible at a delicious restaurant.

Events organized by Blue Ridge Women in Agriculture:
Showing of the documentary Greenhorns on ASU campus. This is about young people choosing farming as a profession.
Beer Making Workshop in May
Farm Tour in August


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